The travels of Alpen Sinfonietta – music for bees

“The Travels of Alpen Sinfonietta – music for bees” is a project that arises from the awareness of the proponents of the fundamental role of pollinating insects and their importance for environmental balance.

Their risk of extinction would endanger our planet.

A youth orchestra will be established that will be the VOICE of the mountain areas through which to communicate the value and importance of beekeeping, biodiversity and alpine heritage.

The uniqueness and innovation of this musical training will be precisely that of becoming a dissemination tool for the acquisition of a true awareness of environmental values ​​starting with the little ones.

Alpen Sinfonietta, will be composed exclusively of young and talented musicians from pre-alpine and alpine areas of the Eusalp strategy.
The project is a 100% inclusive initiative for local communities shared at European level and an important example of the soft power of cultural diplomacy.

The area of ​​the Pre-Alps and the Alps is understood as a center of cultural excellence and social regeneration also thanks to the influence of new media such as social media by adopting a mix of traditional and digital strategies.

Bees represent an example of an ideal social structure, a metaphor from which to draw example and inspiration. In the hive, every task must be carried out with the highest level of efficiency to ensure the survival of the community. Every action of the project tends towards this aim.

Music will be the universal language of communities.

PLACES. The Alpine and Pre-Alpine areas that insist on the Eusalp Strategy

Topics for which Alpen Sinfonietta will be spokesperson:

  • Bees and pollinating insects
  • Beekeeping
  • Biodiversity
  • Environment
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Regeneration of small villages
  • Social inclusion

The project is sponsored by:

  • Alpine Convention
  • National Park of the Belluno Dolomites
  • Cozie Alps Protected Areas
  • Cipra Italy
  • Alliance in the Italian Alps
  • Province of Belluno
  • Municipality of Belluno
  • Municipality of Lamon (Bl)
  • Municipality of Alano di Piave (Bl)
  • Municipality of Cittadella (Pd)
  • Municipality of Levico Terme (Tn)
  • Municipality of Castel Tesino (Tn)
  • Municipality of Malborghetto Valbruna (Ud)
  • Municipality of Capizzone (Bg)
  • Municipality of Sant’Omobono Terme (Bg)
  • Municipality of Usseaux (To)
  • Municipality of Fenestrelle (To)
  • Municipality of Bussoleno (To)
  • Municipality of Bardonecchia (To)

Project partner

  • Ciak Roncato
  • Aida Marketing
  • Re-Cycle Project
  • Agata Allegra and Mucci by Maria Pia Morelli
  • Tre Venezie Study Center
  • Real Sound
  • Dolamiti Orchestra
  • Sonorous Ark
  • Dolomiti Hub
  • Italy Rooting

Project Manager

Chiara Pegge

Artistic / musical direction

Matteo Andri