The CONTINUOUS ACTIVE SANITIZATION® protocol allows every human activity to reach its own indoor air quality needs by minimizing the microbiological risk H24/7 and creating safer and healthier environments for those who work there and for those who attend them, according to IMA indices (Microbiological Indices of Air) as REFERENCE INDICES OF INDOOR AIR QUALITY.

The microbiological agents present in the air are airborne in the form of bioaerosol, also combined with to dust and liquid particles, with consequent risk for people of exposure by inhalation, by contact with contaminated surfaces and objects or by ingestion.

The IAQ-ASE® quality certification, in the face of rigorous process validations and verifications, warrantys the result of the CONTINUOUS ACTIVE SANITIZATION® action.



CONTINUOUS ACTIVE SANITIZATION® develops its effect throughout the environment in the presence of people and their normal activities, through the appropriate installation of devices certified for both their effectiveness and harmlessness.

The certifications of devices’ effectiveness and harmlessness adopted comply with international requirements:

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • CE marking
  • ECAS certificate
  • ROHS certified
  • UNI/ISO17025 accredited laboratory certificate for which the device constantly performs its action within the TLV-TWA limits
  • UNI/ISO17025 accredited laboratory certificate for which the device performs its action without generating products and by-products harmful to health such as ozone
  • UNI/ISO17025 accredited laboratory certificate for which the device performs its action by also breaking down formaldehyde
  • Verification of compliance with OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration) limits
  • Verification of compliance with ECHA (European Chemistry Administration) limits
  • Verification of effectiveness in compliance with IMA limits with various tests by UNI/ISO17025 accredited laboratories validated by the certification body Bureau Veritas.


Content of the warranty offered: DESCRIPTION OF THE RESULT

What is the “result” reliable with CONTINUOUS ACTIVE SANITIZATION®?

The correct application of the CONTINUOUS ACTIVE SANITIZATION® protocol allows you to obtain a result tested by accredited laboratories and validated by the certification body Bureau Veritas.

This result obtained reports the levels of total bacterial load (psychrophilic and mesophilic) and total fungal load (molds and yeasts), measured indoors, within the limits of the IMA indices, by intended use.

The verification of the effectiveness and the non-harmfulness allow people to carry out their activities and functions at the same time while the air sanitization action is made, and by the surfaces’ relapse: this action is carried out directly on the sources of contamination at the same time in which they occur.


Terms of the warranty offered: CONDITIONS OF THE RESULT

Is it possible to describe correctly and with due precision the conditions of the “result”?

The ability of enabled technologies to efficiently and effectively combat environmental microbiological pathogens in real conditions of use is due to 4 conditions of application competence, specific to IAQ-ASE® professionals:

  1. Feasibility through the expert assessment of the environments and any air treatment systems present. In too dry environments or in the presence of air flows with too high speed, the sanitizing action is reduced.
  2. Proper design of the sanitation system, consisting of one or more devices, suited to the needs and intended use of the environments considered;
  3. Perfect installation and maintenance of the sanitation system
  4. Monitoring:
  • 24/7 operation of the installed devices, with remote control in order to check their efficiency and receive any malfunction alarms;
  • periodic IMA indexes through sampling and laboratory analysis, of the air in real conditions of use according to ISO/EN UNI standards with the supervision of Bureau Veritas inspectors in order to verify its effectiveness.



Compliance with these 4 conditions allows devices with enabled technologies to carry out their action in practice and to obtain the effects envisaged by the description of the result.

This result together with the adoption among the possible technologies of those that meet the criteria of efficacy and harmlessness are the only valid way to follow up on the promise of CONTINUOUS ACTIVE SANITIZATION®.



Duration of the warranty offered: RESULT LIMITS

What are the limits of the “result”?

Such a warranty that is, the IAQ-ASE® certificate expires annually and must be renewed by re-checking the 4 conditions of efficiency and effectiveness.