Ceritified quality air


Conceived 8 years ago, after a long gestation period full of laboratory and installation tests and verifications, the IAQ-ASE® certificate became official with the validation of Bureau Veritas Italia on 27 July 2021.

By complying with the CONTINUOUS ACTIVE SANIFICATION protocol, it is possible to obtain the IAQ-ASE® indoor air quality certificate for the contrast of pathogens: the first in the world.

The CONTINUOUS ACTIVE SANITIZATION protocol is a procedure, validated by Bureau Veritas, which includes:

  1. guidelines for the design, installation, and verification of devices using protocol tested and approved technologies. IAQ-ASE® trains qualified professionals to implement these guidelines.
  2. remote monitoring of each device by protocol-approved sensors
  3. periodic laboratory tests accredited UNI EN 17025
  4. the final validation of the Bureau Veritas Certification Body


IAQ-ASE® professionals have the task of supporting the Customer in achieving his needs with respect to the ideal conditions of Indoor Air Quality by offering services that allow:

  • Obtain microbiologically sanitized environments 24/7 for the well-being of those who live in them
  • countering the risk from microbiological agents by demonstrating a commitment to researching and applying solutions in line with the latest technological solutions
  • improve working conditions and permanence in the indoor spaces, to be a socially responsible company
  • giving substance and content to marketing promises linked to the theme of well-being and comfort
  • avoid any hidden defects in the property in the event of a lease or sale due to the failure to sanitize the aeraulic systems


To support this activity, this IAQ-ASE® all-in-one portal has been created

  • Training and Competence Center for IAQ-ASE®
  • IAQ-ASE® Certificate Information Center
  • The public register of IAQ-ASE® professionals working in the territories and the IAQ-ASE® certificates issued

All data is protected and treated with the security of the most advanced international regulations.

The detailed presentation of the IAQ-ASE® certificate is available for download by registering on the portal.